Finding Hope for Your Day

Now IS the Right Time

The right time is now because now is the only time. There will always be a reason, an excuse, or an obstacle trying to urge you to put off the journey. Until you take the step and make the move, you will stay exactly where you are.

It has always tickled me to hear newly married couples tell me that they were waiting for the right time to have kids. I have kids already – three of them to be exact. There are still moments when I look around and think, “now is not the right time to have kids.”

Almost in the same breath, I will be thankful for all the blessings of my kids. It might get loud during the day (because it will always get loud). It might get messy during the week (because messes happen). My kids delight me, surprise me, and challenge me every moment of every day.

That is why now is the right time. Because acting right now challenges me, delights me and surprises me in so many ways.

I have to face the truth. Some things are never convenient. Some things are never less painful to the selfish flesh. Some things never make sense to the world.

I have to stop waiting for it all to come together and instead begin taking steps to create the unique path that I desire.

[tweetthis]“I have to stop waiting for it to come together – instead take the steps to create my path.” @kathrynclang[/tweetthis]

The Right Time is Now

    1. I do not have to do everything, but I do have to do something. That first step in the direction of my dreams will begin to create the way for the next step.

    2. Excuses can be real AND be a mirage. The reasons behind the excuse can hold some weight, but if I wait on the excuses then I will never move. I have to see beyond the limitations of the excuses.

    3. Tomorrow will have sufficient issues to try to manage. It may not be the same problems or circumstances of right now, but there will be problems and circumstances – ALWAYS.

    4. An object in motion stays in motion. Once I start moving then it will be easier for me to keep moving. I have to move if I want to move – it is no more complicated than that.

    5. Something else will come up. Distractions can be as damaging as excuses. Something will get in my line of vision and keep me from choosing to step out in my dreams. I have to see the distractions for what they are and then choose to step around them and step out anyway.

[tweetthis]“Until I start I will never get there.” @kathrynclang[/tweetthis]

Until I start, I will never get there. Until I move, there will be plenty of things holding me back. Until I take that step, I will never imagine how the step can be taken. I take action, I take control, and then I take charge – of who I am, where I am and where I am going.

It begins with action. That action begins in this moment. Something will be in the way. Someone will tell me to wait. Some circumstances will not be aligned. No matter what my eyes tell me, I am beginning to recognize that the right time is now.

Be blessed,


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