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Shift Your Heart to Create the Change You Desire

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Daily Inspiration and Encouragement

January 1, 2020

Quote of the Day

“A heart shift is the most powerful force on earth.” – Kathryn Lang

#QuoteoftheDay - heart shift

Moment of HOPE

Shift Your Heart

The only person you can change is you – but when you make the changes in your life those changes will overflow onto the people you encounter.

Change starts with the heart. The things you pour into your heart and the focus you have for your heart will affect the actions you take in your life.

Invest in positive words. Good, encouraging, and inspiring music, shows, books, and articles will feed the heart the fuel it needs to shift the focus for positive change.

Invest in possibility imagining. Dare to dream what could be no matter how outrageous or crazy.

Invest in purposeful steps. Action is the only way to change where you are to where you want to be, but purposeful and intentional actions that will move you in that direction is the only way to get to that destination.

Change your world by shifting your heart.

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Challenge for Intentional Actions

Shift Your Heart

Find positive words.
Make time for dreaming.
Take purposeful actions.

Daily Challenge - shift the heart

Scripture Focus

Today’s Readings:

Genesis 1 – 3
Joshua 1 – 5
Job 1 – 2
Isaiah 1 – 4
Psalms 1 – 5

Scripture Focus:

“Blessed is the man who meditates on God’s law day and night.” – from Psalm 1: 1 – 2

Ponder Point:

If you want to get more in your life then invest more in God’s law. His will makes the way.

Share Moment:

How much are you investing in growing stronger in God’s law?

Meditation Moment

After Adam and Eve ate the from the Tree of Knowledge, they hid themselves from God. (Genesis 3:8). Too often we do what we know not to do and then we try to hide from the issue instead of admitting the problem or mistake.

Until we address the problems we have created in our life we will not be positioned to move forward. As long as we are hiding then we are hindering the relationship that God wants with us.

The only thing that has changed, is you. If you are not living in the full blessings and focus of God then it’s not God that has moved. Turn back to God and you will find that things get better as you do.

Scripture Focus Psalm 1:1-2

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