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Doing it My Way

Doing it my way takes determination. Every time I step out in the path I believe I’m supposed to walk, the world shows up. It waves around detour signs or throws blockades in my path. I believe in my journey, but it seems that I’m alone most days.

That’s the way the world wants it to feel. If you feel alone, you’ll shift from your unique path to begin finding others to walk with you. Suddenly you find you’ve climbed into a box they built.

Here’s the truth. You are not alone. Not only do you have the Creator of the whole world walking with you, but there are people all around you right now that see you walking out your uniqueness and believe it with you.

If you keep an eye open for the My Way boosts, then you will find that you are consistently being fed with the courage you need to keep walking it out.

When I lean into my Truth it makes way for my walk.


When I lean into my Truth it makes way for my walk.

Discovering the Game

Growing up, I didn’t do things the way other people thought I should. I drove my wonderful mom crazy because her only daughter would rather play football with the boys than dress pretty and do girly things. 

Don’t get me wrong, I can dress up with the best of them. I just never fit into a box.


It wasn’t until I got to junior high school that I learned there even was a box. A new friend that was older (and therefore had to be wiser) taught me the rules and then drew me into the game.

As competitive as I am, that game never stuck for me or maybe I quit playing because it didn’t have an end. I’m not good with endless games. I want to see the finish line. Whatever the reason, I soon fell back in the pattern of doing things my way.

It turns out, not everyone appreciates you when you do things your unique way. They want you to fall into line or to fall out. And THEY ARE LOUD!

Without fail, I found myself circling from me focus, to doubt, to they focus, and around again.

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We have to find a way to stay in the focus of my way and to lean boldly into the uniqueness of self.

  • Find others, to walk with you
  • Find a happy place, to get away from the naysayers
  • Find a mantra, a way to remember your truth
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Finding My Way Focus

I watched the group of guys standing on the bridge looking at the water below. They were taunting each other trying to get someone to jump. I walked up the bridge, smiled at the guys, and then jumped.

Many of them quickly followed.

I jumped in part because they didn’t. Sometimes I have to do something to prove it can be done (maybe I do play the game in some ways). Jumping pushed me into something new because I had never jumped off a bridge before. 

Walking my purpose walk ends up being a lot like this bridge, only too often I find myself standing on top, looking over, and debating what to do next (or worse, staying stuck on the bridge as the train comes).

I’m at the top of the loop at the moment – I know that I’m unique and I’m daring to live my uniqueness. Fortunately, I’m in a place where the people around me are daring to do it my way.

Find Others to Keep You On Track

I met with a Monday Mastermind group that had only met me in the last few months. They visited my website and all agreed that it needed more me. Ironically, when I rebuilt the website about ten years ago, it was the same thing my oldest son told me.

I need reminders to keep me in my journey. I get so caught up in the shuffle that I forget the dance. If I’m doing to live it bolding my way then I need others to help me remember when I’m leaving me out.

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Find a Happy Place

Do you have a favorite song – one that always lifts you up and makes you want to sing and dance? That’s a happy place you can take with you. I know that when I’m overwhelmed, I can turn on certain songs and I will begin to settle into a pace place. 

There is a lot of noise out there and the noise will knock you off course if you aren’t anchored. Find a happy place that can serve as an anchor to keep you from floating away in the waves of the storm.

Find a Mantra

Words have power. When you are invested in I AM statements or positive reinforcements that fuel your unique design then you keep that focus front and center. When your way slips away then you begin slipping into the habits that leave locked back in that box.

If you don’t remember it then you will forget it. Repeat your my way mantra until so you can keep walking it out. 

If you don't remember then you will forget.

Make it Your Way

When you invest in knowing and keeping your unique design then you create your best life. It won’t look like anything you’ve seen before because it isn’t something that’s been seen before. You are unique. Your way will be unique.

Along this journey, things happen. I’ve found that I can be hyper-focused on my unique design only to run face-first into a brick wall of the world. The more I envelop myself in unique design the bolder I can walk out my way.

Are you ready?

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