finding fuel for motivation

Fueling Up the Motivation Tank

The cold wind blew outside and I curled up in bed and watched it dance in the fall leaves grasping with their last strength to the tree. I felt like those leaves. I felt like I was grasping with my last bit of strength. Nothing had been working out the way I wanted and it had even seemed to turn around and go the opposite of what I had planned.

I stayed in the bed for as long as I could, which is not as long as I had hoped but was way later than anything I have done in the last six weeks. The youngest son was up and about so that required me to be up and about (because nobody needs a seven-year-old boy running through the house unsupervised), but I was still just grasping with my last bit of strength.

I turned on my computer to listen to The Strategist Radio program.

It is a quick 30 minutes of encouragement and maybe even a smile or two. While I listen to Tony Marino, I check all of my social media and answer emails. Even my multi-tasker felt a little off.

A tweet ran past my feed. Chris Brogan shared some thoughts about facing the enemy.

It hit me right between the eyes. I retweeted and then tweeted a thanks to Chris Brogan for the reminder. He responded with the words that inspired this post. “Get out of your way and win.”

I have been saying it for several days. I am the only person that can hinder my journey. I am the only person that can get in my way.

I was in the way this morning – not because I was being lazy or because I wanted someone else to do it. I was in the way because I had depleted my fuel tank.

Thanks to Tony Marino for taking the time each morning to share a little inspiration and hope. Thanks to Chris Brogan for being accessible and engaged this morning with his Twitter followers. Thanks to all of you that stop me during the day to share that you read my column or follow my website. You help keep my fuel tank full – and when my tank is full, I have to hope that allows me to get out of my way and to continue to pursue my place in purpose.

How is your fuel tank? Do you need little motivation or inspiration? Check out Tony Marino and the Strategist Radio program. Chris Brogan offers some great inspiration as well. But find your own motivation and then share it with others.

The more you share the motivation, the more it grows in your own life. And the more you motivation you have in your own life, the easier it will be for you to keep on keeping on until you get there.

Remember, you are the only thing in your way. Get out of the way and be bold in the pursuit of your dreams.

Be blessed,


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