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How to Get an Attitude Adjustment

An attitude adjustment comes in handy when you are trying to get back on track. When you know what you need to do but you have gotten stuck in a rut of doing something other than what you know, then changing your attitude will go a long way toward dragging you out of that rut.

Dance until it rains. Work hard until it pays off.


Dance until it rains. Work hard until it pays off.

4 Steps to an Attitude Adjustment

I watched each day as the leaves on the plant drooped a little lower. I knew that the plant needed a deep soak, but I also knew it would mean clearing the space and taking time out of what I was already doing to make it happen.

That was my reasoning. Each time I walked past the drooping leaves, I’d add to my reasoning. Until one day, I made the time, soaked the plant, and watched as its leaves found their strength again.

It took less time to finish the task than it had taken to make up the reasons not to do it. It took having the right attitude to get it done.

When tasks are piling up around you or things aren’t going the way you wanted, then you may be in need of an attitude adjustment.

  • See something positive
  • Hear something inspirational
  • Latch on to motivation
  • Do something
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Dancing Until It Rains

I heard a story about a tribe that had the ability to always make it rain. When the local farmers were stuck in a drought, they would bring in the tribe to do a rain dance. Every single time, it would rain.

One young man became curious about the abilities of the tribe. He followed them around and confirmed that each time they came to dance the rain dance, it would rain. 

Finally, the young man found the elder and asked him about their gift of making it rain. “It’s no gift,” the elder explained. “We simply dance until it rains.”

For me, the times when things aren’t working out cause me the most frustration and eventually cause an attitude shift. I stop thinking about what I should do and I focus on what hasn’t happened. The more my focus moves from the path, the more I follow. When the going gets tough, I need an attitude adjustment that will help me keep going.

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See Something Motivational

The eyes are the windows to the souls, so they say. They definitely feed the heart with what they let into the mind. When I am struggling to stay in the right frame of mind to live my possibilities, I have to invest in looking at positive things – whether that involves reading a book, watching a show, or digging into the Word. In truth, even writing about my possibilities can be enough some days to give me the attitude adjustment I need.

Hear Something Inspirational

The ears draw in as much fuel for the soul as the eyes. When the going gets tough, you need to be even more intentional about what you give your attention. Songs, videos, the words of others, and even our own words will either feed the possibility or enhance the problem focus. Set your streaming station to inspirational music and you’ll feel it feeds your heart and give it wings.

Latch on to the Motivation

Once you see it or hear it, you need to latch on to it. Motivation will lift you up so hold tight to the positive and inspiring things you hear and see so they can lift you up and keep you going.

Attitude Adjustment

Start Doing

Now that you have fed your heart and mind motivation and you’ve latched hold of it, let it go to work. Do something. Pick up that piece of trash you’ve been walking by the past week. Clear off that countertop that has become the junkyard of daily stuff. Write that letter you’ve been thinking of writing. Outline that book you’ve been talking about for years. DO SOMETHING!

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Getting an Attitude Adjustment

It’s rarely about where you are and more about what you think about where you are. When you aren’t where you want to be, get an attitude adjustment before you take your next step.

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