Quote of the Day for Wednesday

Quote of the Day – Be Yourself – April 26 2017

Quote of the day for Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love you.” – Bethany Jett

Quote of the day - be yourself

There will always be people that don’t like me – not matter how awesome I may be or how helpful I may become. Some people will not like me because they don’t like people. Some people will not like me because they are having a bad day. Some people may not like me because I’m having a bad day.

The more I invest in changing who I am or what I am doing in order to make those people, the more I will discover there are others that don’t like the person I’m becoming.

I am unique. I am designed to be unique. When I walk out my uniqueness then I discover others that not only like the uniqueness of me, but they LOVE the unique me.

Dare to be your different. Dare to embrace your uniqueness. Dare to walk down the path that only you can walk.

It is not about being what others want me to be. It is about being me and finding the others that will connect with that person.

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