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Not everyone finds every physical attribute to be “attractive” but I have been learning over the last several months – and probably for most of my life – that being attractive is much more than just looks.

Being attractive is not about red carpet outfits and makeup. Being attractive is not about the standards that THEY have applied. Being attractive is about being the best me that I can be where I am and working daily to invest in better choices for my health and shine.

Not so Secrets for Being Attractive

    First, there is rest – because getting rest is the most important tool for being attractive. I need to get the right amount of sleep and take the right amount of breaks to keep my energy level on point (and to keep my emotions in check).

    Second is my health – which includes what I put into my body and how I use my body. I need to eat to fuel my body. I need to drink to refresh my body. I need to move to keep all the joints and organs working properly.

    Third is my heart – because what is on the inside will affect my ability to be attractive – to myself and to those around me.

    Fourth is my shine – and that is what people see on the outside. Get up, get dressed, brush your teeth, and put your best foot forward – even if you are the only one that sees you that day. Investing in my shine will always keep me at my most attractive.

    Fifth is my actions – my attitude, behavior – or my doing and my being. Nothing spoils the attractiveness of a person quite as fast as unattractive actions.

I can be attractive without being America’s Next Top Model. I can be attractive without winning any red carpet awards. Being attractive is all about being the very best me that I can possibly be and being proud in that place.

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