Just Try It – The Power Behind Being Unaware

I could climb anything when I was younger. I would shimmy up the smallest pole – sometimes just to reach the top and sometimes to see what was inside the birdhouse perched precariously at the peak. I would use my finger tips and my toes to crawl up the archway in the hall of the house – flipping upside down at the top to put my feet on the ceiling.

“We are the only house in town with footprints on the ceiling” My dad would proclaim. I always wondered if he was complaining about the footprints or bragging on my accomplishment.

There were a lot of things that I tried when I was younger – mainly because there was nobody around to tell me not to try it. We left the house to adventure through the neighborhood after breakfast and often only returned when the streetlights were coming on.

At some point in my life, I became aware that what goes up must come down. I learned that the wrong trust – in myself, in things, or in other people – would leave me in pain. I became aware and when I became aware I quit trying so much.

[tweetthis]Waiting for a guarantee will keep you from the progress that leads to success – when in doubt, just try it[/tweetthis]

I wanted a guarantee. I wanted a sure thing. I wanted to see the end result before stepping out down the path.

Now I am aware that my awareness is holding me back from pursing my heart’s desires. I have to break free, to become blissfully unaware again, if I am going to dare to try.

Claiming the Power of Unaware

    1. Just do it – I have to quit overthinking things so much. I will never be able to prepare for all of the elements that may factor in and those elements are in flux anyway. See the step. Take the step.

    2. Take baby steps – A little bit adds up to big things. See the steps instead of trying to grab the whole end result in one swoop. Take a small step, but do step.

    3. Get away – Move from the people, the environment, or the circumstances that are saying not to try. I may not be able to move from them physically, but I need to find a way to put some mental and emotional space between me and those negatives.

    4. Build a fortress – It is time to surround my eyes, my ears, and my heart with things (and people) that lift me up. Read inspirational stories. Watch encouraging television. Seek out people that will motivate me in your journey (either with their own stories and progress or with their encouragement for mine).

    5. Start right now – The longer I put it off the harder it becomes. Even small molehills, when put off, become daunting mountains. One small step brings me through the procrastination and moves me down the journey towards the extraordinary.

It starts with trying. I may not know what is on the other side of that step, but I have to be more concerned about the moment – about the trying – than I am about what lies ahead.

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Listen in to “Just Try It” on Growing HOPE radio where I am joined by John Michael Morgan of The Achievers Alliance to talk about the power of being unaware and daring to just try it.

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