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How the World Steals the Power of Hope

The world steals the power of hope when it waters down its truth. Hope holds in it the expectation that the promise will come. It’s not wishy washy. It’s rooted firmly in Truth and that allows those who hold on to hope to stand strong.

Hope makes a way.

When you understand the truth of hope, you begin to tap into the power it wields. Leaning into the power of hope will fuel your possibility living.

Remember: We are in this world, not of it.

That means that although the world is working to water down the power of hope, we can rest in the truth that with hope everything is possible.

When the darkness closes in, the only way out is with the light of hope.

When the darkness closes in, the only way out is with the light of hope.

The World Steals Power

The world steals power from the words that provide the greatest strength in our journey. 




Submission (yes, I said submission)



The world either waters down its truth through repetition in media or the world absconds with the word and redefines it completely.

  • The world says faith is subjective and dependent on experiences.
  • Hope has been watered down to a sense of optimism that good outcomes are possible.
  • Love is just an emotion that can enrich our lives.
  • Submission (yes, there’s that word again) is about giving up your control to someone else.
  • Trust is about how another person treats you.
  • Truth is based on accurate and reliable information found in the world and from the world.

In all most all instances, the words have been changed to focus on the world. When the world is the focus then trouble soon follows.

When you do a deep dive into the etymology of the words, you find that the world misses the main ingredient that provided the potency to them.

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Choosing the Power of Hope

I stood in the demolished woods that had been my happy place. The squirrel on the stump next to me seemed to be in the same state of shock I felt. It was gone. After a few moments, the squirrel flicked his tail and ran off to a new clump of trees across the way. 

He could have stayed there with me. There was plenty to be shocked about. But instead of staying and staring, he moved on. He had to. 

I had to as well. Months later, I returned to the spot. The squirrel was nowhere to be seen. What I did see was the plants and animals that had survived the disaster. Each one I found fed my hope – the expectation that it would all work out according to the promises.

That has to be the basis. Everything else can crumble under scrutiny or the weight of the forest falling on it. The promises hold true, no matter what the circumstances do around us. 

We choose the power of hope when we lean into the promises. It requires letting go of what we see and moving forward no matter what lies ahead. We go, just like the squirrel, and put all of our hope in the promises.

The power of hope

The World Steals the Power of Hope

 We are only limited to the world’s definitions when we choose to abide by those limits. It may be that we give away the power we could have tapped into more so than the world steals the power of hope.

It’s time to take it back!

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